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15 Ways To Save More Money Today

As Easter passes and we while are all still feeling the effects of too much chocolate the year continues to roll on by.

We all want to save more money however, in 2019 it feels as if this is more difficult than ever. A combination of low savings rates, slow wage growth, as well as high asset prices have resulted in a very difficult situation for savers.

To help you save here is my list of 15 ideas that you can implement today to help you save more money this year.

When saving a little goes a long way

1. Pay down credit card debt. Credit cards are often at above 20% interest rate at a time where you were struggling to get 3% on a savings account paying down credit credit card debt you in effect offer an after tax return in excess of 20%

2. Bring your lunch to work. $15 a day might not sound like much but it's $75 a week and this adds up fast.

3. Create a household budget and stick to it. This will allow you to see where you are spending your money.

4. Cut back on unnecessary spending.

5. Meal prep. When you do this not only will you find you save time in the kitchen but you are also more likely to feel healthier. You will be amazed how much you will save over the long-term by doing a weekly shop and sticking to it vs going to a supermarket everyday.

6.Consider making concessional contributions to super. Each year you're allowed to contribute up to $25,000 per year at a concessional tax rate. This can make a very significant difference to your retirement savings over the next 40 years. In addition if you are saving for your first home superannuation can be a very effective strategy to do so.

7. Pay with cash. When we use credit cards or paywave facilities we don't notice how much were spending. Using cash we have to physically pay for our items and we can see it leave our wallets. This connection helps for greater control with your spending.

8. Pay yourself before you spend. When you get paid the first bill that should be paid is to yourself via a contribution to your savings or investment account. Be regular with this.

9. Don’t just save money money, invest instead. Over the long term growth assets are likely to increase in capital value but are also likely to pay reliable income via dividends or distributions.

10. Cancel unnecessary subscriptions. A handy rule is that if you don’t use it regularly cancel it. Whether it's your subscription to that third movie streaming service or a membership to a gym that you never go to. This may save you hundreds or thousands in a year.

11. Write down clear goals. If you are clear in what you are working towards it becomes a lot easier to achieve that goal.

12. Stop buying multiple coffees each day. The other morning I had a meeting at a cafe and spent $6 a on latte. That works out to $1,560 a year, for many people you can buy a great coffee machine and still have an extra $1,000 available each year for investment.

13. Establish a side hustle. In 2019 it never has been easier to earn a few extra dollars each week. If you are passionate about something it can be a fun way to help boost your income. Most require very little capital outlay and can help boost your income. Also when you are working it can be difficult to find the time to spend your extra income.

14. Entertain in more financially savvy ways. A home cooked meal is always great, add in some good friends, a couple of drinks and you have all the ingredients for an amazing night that isn’t going to blow your budget.

15. Remove your card details from all of your online accounts. Not only will the IT guru’s say that this a great idea from a security perspective, but it will also help to apply a handbrake to your online spending.

The most important thing is do not try to live a lifestyle that is beyond your current means. If you can't afford it, don't buy it. Too often I am speaking with clients who have an obsession with ensuring that their social media channels make them look like they are living the high life.

I hope this helps you to stay on track to achieve your savings goals for 2019.

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