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The Most Valuable Conversation In Financial Advice

Arguably, the most valuable conversation I will ever have with you will not have anything to do with your superannuation, life insurance or even the performance of your stock portfolio. While undoubtedly these conversations are tremendously important to have and offer significant benefits to you, they are not the most valuable conversations we will have.

What is the most important conversation we will have?

In my professional opinion, the most valuable and important conversation we will ever have revolves around establishing, defining, and prioritizing your goals.

“A goal without a plan, is nothing but a dream”

While many of us (myself included) are happy to holiday without a plan, when it comes to the profoundly important parts of life it is essential to have a map for creating success.

Rather than just talk in general about how goal setting works, I’m going to give an example of precisely how this could work for you.

Let’s say you establish a goal of wanting to own a first home. The quintessential Australian dream.

Once the goal is established it is time to define it. Where would you like the home to be? What does it look like? Is it an apartment or a house? Are the walls blue or white? What is the price you would like to spend? When are you planning to move in?

As you can see, once we have clearly defined your goal and the associated objectives. The last piece of the puzzle is to work out where that goal ranks in comparison to your other goals.

It is incredibly rare for me to meet someone who only has the one goal!

Maybe it is more important for you to spend a month in the Spanish Summer in 2022 than to own your first home in 2022? Maybe you have an upcoming wedding that is number one priority?

Having these deep, meaningful and enlightening conversations will enable me to help you establish, define and prioritise your goals which are the foundations and key structural elements of constructing your financial plan.

This is what modern financial advice is all about, your goals and how we can work together to achieve them.

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